How I wish my muesli recipe today is as flavorful as compared to the one I’ve made the other day. But it’s not. It’s bland. But still, it’s something that i would call expensive. Mine is very simple, but most of it’s ingredients came a long way to be here in my possession.

I only used 4 ingredients: milk, instant oats, square slices dragon fruit, and chopped dried figs. I know, this isn’t probably the authentic one that you know or used to make with all the rich ingredients like the one I see in food magazines and YouTube videos. I’m not even sure if this could truly pass as a muesli.

dragon fruit (left) and dried fig (right)

The dragon fruits came all the way from Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental bought by my Aunt and Uncle. You see, here in the Philippines, such fruit is considered expensive. But when Mama learned that it was sold only at 150 Pesos per kilogram in Dumaguete, she asked my aunt to buy some for us.

The dried figs came all the way from the US that my OFW (overseas Filipino worker) Aunt brought with her when she came home last March. It’s common for OFWs from America to be bringing dried products such as nuts and raisins every time  they come home. Goods such as dried figs are not readily available in this country, unless of course imported and sold in the supermarket.

I always keep a large pack of instant oatmeal at home because I discovered that it’s the only thing I can decently eat right after my round of chemotherapy without feeling sick. I always bring my glass mug with cover with a few tablespoons of instant oatmeal in it every time I travel to have my treatment.

The milk of course was from a common brand in this country: Nestle Bear Brand Adult Plus. Yes, it’s a powdered milk that I dissolved with water before I used to soak the oats. And since I have started to cut out sugar, as much as possible, from my diet I didn’t use any sweetener such as honey.

Now you know why I had to swallow this muesli even though I find it less appetizing than I initially wanted it to be. Muesli, originally a Swiss recipe, isn’t something that one can easily make everyday in the province with all the expected ingredients. I know you would agree with me that it would be such a waste of food if I just throw it away just because I didn’t like it. There are millions of people dying from hunger in Asia with Philippines not exempted of course. Thankfully as I am about to end this Daily Prompt, I am about to finish my last spoon of muesli as well. No waste after all, but any modified muesli tips?

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
My own version of muesli, made with instant oats soaked in milk and topped with dragon fruit slices and chopped dried figs

via Daily Prompt: Flavorful

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